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Surrey and Beyond Ramblers (SABRE) is one of a new generation of Ramblers groups, challenging the traditional images of walking. Our mission is to encourage people of any age to get out and hike all over Surrey - and beyond - at the weekend and mid-week. We are internet based, with a membership mainly drawn from Surrey, South West London and the surrounding counties.

The SABRE walks programme has a choice of two or three led walks each week in Surrey and South East England. Typically, we have around 10 - 15 people on each walk, come rain or shine. In our programme you'll find everything from short, easy strolls of a few miles up to energetic and challenging 18-mile hikes. We often organise social events and walking holidays and mini-breaks around the UK and abroad.

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We are part of the Ramblers, a charity that works to protect and maintain the network of footpaths in the UK.  

For more information on the group, see the About Us page.

To join us, follow this link to the Ramblers Association website.

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