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Only accounts for full RAMBLERS ASSOCIATION SABRE members will be activated. Please use your full name in the registration process and bear in mind that it takes time for Ramblers to notify us of new members

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SABRE supports the Ramblers guidance with regard to dogs on walks and welcomes Assistance Dogs on all walks.

Ramblers members are permitted to bring a dog on a walk subject to the following:-

  1. They contact and get agreement from the walk leader prior to the walk.
  2. The dog is kept under control at all times.
  3. The dog must be kept on a lead on roads, near livestock and sensitive wild life, whenever official regulations require and whenever instructed by the walk leader.
  4. They are responsible for their dog at all times and accept that any incident caused by the dog is not covered by the Ramblers insurance cover and should therefore consider arranging their own insurance.

The walk leader has the final decision whether to accept a dog or dogs on a walk and if they feel the walk is not suitable for dogs they should mark the walk programme “Not Suitable for Dogs”.

Non-Ramblers walkers are not permitted to bring dogs on walks with the exception of Assistance Dogs.

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