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SABRE inaugural walk - Jan 2011

Surrey and Beyond Ramblers, better known as SABRE to most of us, celebrated its fifth anniversary this year with a weekend of five different walks which attracted more than 90 attendances from its own members and newcomers. The SABRE group held its inaugural walk in January 2011 and has since become one of Ramblers fastest growing groups. We have now grown to over 240 active members. SABRE has proven popular with both working and non-working people with its inventive variety of walks. It has twice won the Rambler’s Surrey Area Recruitment cup.  

To enquire about joining us please click Contact us or use the following link to the Ramblers Association website.

All our walks are led by SABRE walk leaders. We aim to put on a choice of walks each weekend plus a mid-week walk. There are a number of national trails in our area and in the past we have walked the South Downs Way, Downs Link, West Sussex Literary Trail, St Swithun’s Way, the Shipwright’s Way and recently the Vanguard Way. This year we reprise walking the Thames Path.

We organise holidays for our members. In 2015 we organised holidays for our members on the Isle of Wight, the South Coast of Devon and Sedbergh in Yorkshire. So far this year we are organising a walking holiday in Exmoor and possibly two weekend trips. We also organise social events including an annual summer barbecue, Christmas meals, quizzes, ten pin bowling and other activities

We originally had a founding committee of just four members; but we currently have six committee members to run the group. So that we can continue to develop and grow, we encourage new walk leaders from within our own membership. We are proud that SABRE is a member of the Surrey Area of the Ramblers Association, the national walking charity that protects and helps maintain Britain's footpaths.  As well as having our own website here, SABRE also uses “Meetup” to publicise its walks and to attract new members and its own Facebook page for members to “chat”.”

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