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Only accounts for full RAMBLERS ASSOCIATION SABRE members will be activated. Please use your full name in the registration process and bear in mind that it takes time for Ramblers to notify us of new members

How do I join the SABRE?

You are very welcome to walk with us up to three times before deciding to join SABRE as a member of the Ramblers, which is Britain's biggest walking charity which promotes walking for health and pleasure as well as protecting and maintaining the footpath network. The Ramblers main web site is

If you would like to join Surrey and Beyond Ramblers (SABRE) please contact our membership team via our Contact-Us form for more details or click here to go straight to the Ramblers Web Site and join there.

The standard annual membership fee is £34.50 for single membership and £45.00 for joint membership; but there are also concessionary, monthly and lifetime rates available. There are no additional charges to join our walks and you can walk with other groups.

Why is your group called both Surrey and Beyond Ramblers and SABRE?

Surrey and Beyond Ramblers is our “proper” name and distinguishes us from other Surrey Rambler groups who often draw their membership from one area of Surrey; but our members come from all over Surrey and we walk in Surrey and beyond. SABRE is simply a user friendly acronym.

I have a dog, when I join can I bring him along?

Members are welcome to bring a dog on walks however they should contact the walk leader prior to the walk to ensure the walk is suitable for dogs. Assistance dogs are welcome on all walks, again owners should contact the walk leader prior to the walk. You must keep your dog under close control at all times and follow the instructions of the walk leader at all times. Your dog remains your responsibility at all times. Walks that are not suitable for dogs are usually clearly marked on the walks programme.

How do I join my first walk?

Just come along and meet us at the start of one of our walks, the time and meeting place is shown on the walks programme, please ensure that you are ready to start walking at the appointed time. If you wish you can let us know when you are coming on your first walk so we can ask the walk leader to look out for you.

Can I bring a friend or relation? 

You are welcome to bring along non-member friends or relations, including teenage children. The same rules apply to them, they can have up to three introductory walks, but after that they must join the Ramblers. Teenagers under the age of 18 can walk as often as they like without joining the Ramblers. Once they reach the age of 18 they should then join the Ramblers.

Why choose SABRE?

With the advent of Meetup, which favours “open age” groups, SABRE is attracting members of all ages who are looking for something different to other more traditional walks as well as the holidays and other social events that SABRE organises.

What do you do for lunch on an all day walk?

We often stop for a pub or cafe lunch but some members prefer to bring their own picnic to eat. If there is no pub or cafe option on an all day walk it will be clearly shown on the walk programme.

How can I get more information?

We are run by a small enthusiastic committee, who are all Ramblers volunteers. Our names are shown on the About Us page or for more information please contact-us.

If I belong to another Ramblers group can I transfer to SABRE?

Yes, please visit the Ramblers website, login a a Ramblers member, go to the Members Area where you will be able to change your details on “Update your profile” ( Don't forget to enter our Ramblers code of SR51.

How long will the walk take?

The walk distance is shown on the walks programme. Typically walks with short breaks cover about 2 to 2.5 miles per hour. Factors which can add to the walk time are large numbers walkers, difficult terrain and bad weather.

Can I offer a lift or share a car to get to the walk with another member?

We have a Facebook page where information like this can be exchanged. 

If you do share a lift please be prepared to share the cost of petrol and any parking.

Do your walks end where they begin?

Most of our walks are roughly circular or figure of eight routes, either way they end up where they start. Occasionally we have a linear walk where we use public transport to return to the start, this will be clearly shown on the walk programme.

I am a new SABRE member do I need to create an account for the website?

Yes, creating an account will give you access to the Members Area which has more information, photos and a more detailed Walks and Events Programme which may include walks or events not on the public pages of the website. The Walks and Events Programme will also give you contact details for the walk leader in case you have any questions.

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